How It Works

7amreports affiliate program is specially designed for those who wants to make extra income online.

We have come up with this great idea that will make sure everyone earn more online without stress.

Affiliate Program: Our affiliate program has been setup in the best way that will benefit all members.

Our matrix is very simple and fast.

Refer just 3 people and they also do the same. But wait that’s not all.

You will also enjoy spillovers from your upline, with this you are guarantee to get your 3 referrals without looking for them.

We have made it compulsory for everyone to join through another existing member, this is to make sure everyone registers under someone and everyone has referrals. So be rest assured that you must have your 3 referrals even if you refer or not, so far you joined through an existing member link you must be paired withing 48hrs.

You are moving from level 1 – level 8. As your downlines earn, you also earn.

Level 1: ₦1200

Level 2: 1,800

Level 3: 2,400

Level 4: 16,200

Level 5: 48,600

Level 6: 145,800

Level 7: 437,400

Level 8: 1,312,200

Every body needs just 3 persons under him or her to move to the next stage, but with our spillover system which we have strongly enforced on the site, you are guarantee of getting paired automatically within 48hrs.

Once you finish Level 8, you will automatically start afresh from level 1 and be paired with another user.

This is the best system so far, because your earnings will be growing each day even without doing anything.

Monthly Revenue sharing (MORS): Here you get paid end of each month, base on what you have earned, we share revenue with users base on how active they are on the site. Below are the list.

  • Write for us: We pay members 200 for each unique post they write for us. These are unique and irrelevant post originally written by you and must not be less than 300 words. Your post must be Plagiarism free, (Note found on another website) Once you submit and its approve you earn 200. We accept a maximum of 20 post per member every month.
  • Post Views: You earn 5 for each post you view daily with a maximum of 50 post. Thats 5 x 50 post = ₦250 Daily.

These are the ways in which you can earn on 7amreport.

How to withdraw?

Withdrawal for affiliate earnings are made daily with a minimum of 1000 only.

While Monthly revenue share are paid by month ending, every 30 of each month with a minimum of ₦5000.

How To Register?

Click on the Register button below and register your account. But before you hit the button, make sure you have used someones referral link else the registration wont go through. Join our facebook group HERE to get a link from any member and register with it.

Upon registration, payment are been made online with your card with paystack or offline using direct bank transfer.

If you pay online with your card, your account will be approve immediately.

For those who can’t pay online, after registration, contact admin on Facebook HERE with your order Number or ID, (make sure you copy it after registration) make payment through direct bank transfer and get your account activated immediately.

Warning!! Do not register if you are not ready with your 1500, all accounts that don’t upgrade within 6hrs will be deleted and you can’t use that email to register again, so make sure your money is available before proceeding to registration.

In Summary, you could be earning over ₦10,000 Daily and over ₦100,000 monthly only if you take action today.

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